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The Music Architect lives and breathes music, focusing on music curation and consultancy as our core business.

With our broad network of of music and marketing professionals, we are able to support our clients with a range of additional musical needs, from the sourcing of DJ's and live acts, to composing original music and devising marketing strategies to support our clients' activities.


For every music project, we assign a Music Architect who works closely with our clients on location to discover the unique needs, brand personality, customer base and on-location atmosphere of our clients, looking for musical clues and references as they go.

Once the scope of the musical brief has been determined, our Architects then go away and develop a bespoke music strategy and identity for our client. Our Architects are then further responsible for the delivery and subsequent account management of the project on and off-site, from technical support to the ongoing curation.

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Music curation is at the heart of what we do at The Music Architect. Once we have developed the scope of the musical project and the strategy itself, this is where the magic begins.

We apply our unique approach in crafting the initial signature sound for our clients' business, setting it apart from the competition musically. Once satisfied that our sample sound is hitting the note and mood perfectly, we then continue to develop and curate the soundtrack(s) track-by-track for our clients, tweaking and testing them as we go.


Once the technology has been installed on location, our Architects carefully fine-tune the soundtracks ensuring that the mood perfectly suits each daypart and area of the business accordingly. The soundtracks and music schedules are regularly updated and re-worked to ensure that the music stays fresh and engaging at all times.



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In addition to creating bespoke background soundtracks for businesses, we also develop concepts that extend the brands reach through the medium of music. 

This may involve the creation of a digital (or physical) compilation album which can be compiled from from either exisiting music or orignal compositions. The compilation serves to reflect the brands personality and can be used and distributed to promote the brand to a wider audience independant of the brands physical space. 

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To play music in public areas, regardless of which technology is used, or whether the music is live or background music, the business owner needs to obtain all the necessary licenses to do so.


The process is slightly different depending on the business type, size of operation and the number of territories the business is active in and can get quite complicated in global cases as each country has different copyright laws.


The Music Architect works closely with the respective PRO’s (Publishing Rights Organisations) on behalf of our clients to ensure that all music that is being played publicly is being played legally. 

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In addition to our consultancy and curation services, we can offer a plethora of other musical-related services through our network:

 - Live Music Concepts

 - DJ Bookings

 - Live Act Bookings

 - Marketing

 - Background Music for Events 

 - Original Music Composition

 - In-store Messaging

 - On-hold Messaging

 - Brand Compilations   

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